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Why compromise with brand identity with free logo generator

Logo designing is not a layman's job. One cannot simply create designs without sound technicalities and know-how of the procedures, rules and requirements. This is a serious job where the entire company is dependent on one single brand symbol for its identity, recognition and representation. It needs creativity and artistry in ideas and skills.

Usually, the business wants a third-party to design brand symbols for their company. They do not want to waste their time and effort in hassle of such hectic work. Some of them are hooked with misrepresentation, and they end up in free logo generator. These software-based logos are less of creative symbols and more of clip-art images. I will recommend them to hire professional designers if they are looking for uniqueness and customization.

There are many qualified, experienced and professional designers easily available today. They charge reasonable for their expert services. They are known and reputed for their unique and customized brand symbols, strengthening the brand identity and business representation.

The start-ups and amateurs do not consider hiring professionals as a feasible option. Instead, they go for free logo generators where they attracted for their free and low charges and easy-to-use software. Basically, if these are called advantages then sadly, the free software can only provide a business with this much of a benefit. It is just a tactic to attract individuals and start-ups into their business. Practically, they have more cons than pros. Hence, you compromise with the following.


The software-based logos, or so-called brand symbols, are not brand symbols but they are clip-art images. The graphics of such images are extremely poor. They lose their pixels if they re-sized or enlarged. These are not vector graphics, which are flexible and scalable.


If you still chose one image out of many, you won't be able to have copyrights on it. This is because all images available on the software is easily accessible by anyone and can be used anytime, anywhere. This makes company vulnerable and open to copyright and infringement issues.


Can you image having a brand symbol and any other company using the same design? If you do, you would not enjoy it. Brand symbols tend to be unique. What's the use of sharing the symbol if it doesn't represent your company a unique way? This means your chosen images fails to represent your business, doesn't have an exclusiveness and uniqueness in it.

Why compromise with all these factors when you can wisely invest and hire a professional designer for a unique, creative, exclusive brand identity.




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