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Most common cons of free website builder that business overlooks

Before thinking to go for a free website builder, appealed by various ads on internet and through search engines, get to know what this actually is. Are you really sure that they are not charged? Certainly not! Below are the common cons of such free offers where you compromise owning your website and fail to have solutions for conversion and traffic rates.

Drag and drop sites

Usually the offers you see popping up on search engines or other sites are offers of drag and drop sites. These sites promote themselves as free or low-cost. It is easy-to-build, no doubt but there occur many problems which unfortunately include less traffic, less time spend on the site by audience. The type of code used for these sites make it difficult to make further or required changes.


Why no freedom with free site? Once you have a site, you end with so many restrictions that it looks more like a template than a customized site. If the client wants to upgrade the account, the site demands payment against more page, more flexibility and changes. The more changes you want, the more you end paying.

Secondly, the client is the payer for hosting services as well. The client is also restricted to add interactive features for the audience such as online ordering, chat rooms, games and other features. There is no help and support options provided.

Poor return

Such templates are usually ignored by search engines. The sites could not make up to the top rankings of search engines. They fail to bring in traffic, increase conversion rate and eventually fail to bring in more customers and increase sales. This means if a customer comes, he will not straight away trust your company and rely on your service.

Free advertising

A free website builder gives you nothing without cost but free advertising. The advertisements pop up on your homepage and all other pages, compensating for their no-cost services to you, but making it annoyance for your customers to visit your site.


If you go for free, you do not have any domain name of yours, which solely represents your company. You are given web address instead of a long name, often with lots of hyphens and difficult for the customers to remember and recall. This also means that you don't have customized email address to assign to your customers.

No guarantee

There is no guarantee that the site will remain no-cost forever. Probably, the company will demand payments to continue with the site after few months. There is no guarantee for site's life and availability.

Investigate all options before going for any free software randomly available online. It is better to make your brand impression strong with customized site to build loyalty, trust and reliability from your customers.





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