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I don't believe in free custom logo design, do you?

In a scenario when some logo design companies ask for thousands of dollars for just a single logo, what exactly do you get when someone offers you a free custom logo design for your business without paying a single cent? What is a free logo and why large organization spends thousands of dollars just to update and implement their logo instead of going to any free custom logo design offer.

Now-a-days, there are many sophisticated free logo design software available in the market. By using these software you can design a logo by your own self, but this free custom logo design will not have that corporate look and feel, which you will require to brand your business and product.

The other option for free custom logo design is that, you can choose and download the readymade free logo design templates from different websites and use it with little modifications. The problem with these free logo design templates is that you will not get something unique, an emblem that will make you exceptional and identifiable among competition. The other problem of trademark infringement may arise here as this logo is possibly used by someone else already with complete copyrights. Therefore, this free custom logo design option is not an appropriate alternative.

Furthermore, some companies attract people to get a free logo design by designing it from their website without paying anything. This sounds good to many, but the truth is when you are done with designing a logo by yourself, you are asked to pay some amount to make this free logo design your own.

In today's world, when everything is getting expensive, if someone offers you something which is "too good to be true" like free custom logo design, it is a greater chance you will end up with paying more in shape of money or non-monetary things like brand image and getting nothing in return.

An authoritative and credible company cannot give you such offers, because on the back side of the mirror, a company has to bear a huge cost against your custom made unique logo, which is obviously cannot be offered freely.

Because of all the above mentioned realities, we do not offer free logo design services.

However, we have come up with low-budget custom logo design packages specially designed to fulfill your needs. We are offering up to 50% discount on all our logo design packages for a limited time period. So grab this opportunity and give your business identity a boost!


  Promotional Sale - upto 50% Off on Custom Logo Design

Basic Package Includes:
1 Logo Concept by 1 designer
Unlimited rounds of revisions
Delivery within 5 business days
100% Money Back Guarantee*
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What do I get for a bit more?
- a lot is the answer!


If your budget allows to spend a bit more, then why not look at our Startup package. You get a lot more value for your money.


Startup Package Includes:
3 Logo concepts by 1 designer
1 Design concept of Business cards, Letterhead & Envelopes or Comp slips each
Unlimited rounds of revisions
Delivery within 2 business days
100% Money Back Guarantee*
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Why should you consider Logoinn™ for your project?

Logoinn™ provides cost-effective design services, through our unparalleled design quality and customer support, which makes us the preferred choice of small business owners like you. Some of the key features of our services are listed below:

Logoinn™ is the preferred choice of design and ad agencies that outsource their projects to us!
Creative and expert designers, producing quality work. All designers are full time employees and we do not use freelancers
100% original concepts, unique to your business
100% Money Back Guaranteed
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, we will keep on revising your designs until you are satisfied
Highest quality customer service
Unbeatable and pocket friendly prices
Lifetime after Sales Support
 FREE  consultation
Thousands of satisfied customers
Lifetime after Sales Support

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Logo, Stationery, Website,
Email accounts, Domain
Name, Web Hosting,
Content Management,
SEO Submission

Why use Logoinn?

No.1 Choice for design and ad agencies

100% Unique Design

100% Satisfaction

Microsoft Certified

ISO Certified

All designers are in house

High Quality Customer Services

Unbeatable Prices

Proven Quality Control

Google Certified Professionals

Compliance with W3C,
WAVE and other
accessibility standards

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