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The reality of a free website design…

First off, understand why an entrepreneur needs a website whether he is running an online business or owning a bricks and mortar venture. If we first talk about online business, without a website it just cannot exist! When we look at the bricks and mortar world a website works as a global representative to introduce and market the business worldwide without any international boundaries.

Now we have come to the conclusion that a website is like the back bone to any business, therefore at the later stage when it comes to designing and development of your, hopefully, perfect website you find two options. One is to go with a free website design or to get services from a paid professional website design company.

Let us do a little comparison between both:

  • First of all you need to know there is no such thing as free website design services, you can only download readymade free website design templates and use them for your purpose. You can only do few non-significant changes to these free website design templates. Whereas, if you go with professional services, you have a greater choice to mould and modify the design according to your business type and make significant changes according to your target market
  • A website designed by a professional website design service is search engine optimization ready, but in free website design templates, most of the time templates are not search engine ready and you cannot even modify them to make it search engine compatible.
  • Duplication of the design is another problem with free website design templates. Many others would already have been using the same template for their purpose; hence these free website design templates will not make your website a unique one for your business. In professional services people from the professional website design company exclusively work on your project and create a unique design with state of the art functionality only for your business and target audience.
  • Professional website design companies offer after sales technical support and maintenance, which is very necessary for technical work such as website design and development, whereas in free website design there is no such thing is technical support and the after sales service is down to you!


After knowing the above mentioned facts, you should by now realize that hiring a paid professional website design service is far better than choosing a free website design template. Designers at professional website design services understand your needs perfectly, and in the end deliver the best quality solutions to a budget-friendly price.

We have come up with low-cost web design concepts specially designed to fulfill your needs. We are offering discounts on all our web design packages for a limited time period. So grab this opportunity and give your online presence a boost!




Website design and web development packages


Logoinn has website design and development packages to suit every budget. Our entry level web design package costs just $265.00 and can be ready in 3 days.


Website Design Bronze Package:

2 Web pages of your choice
1 Design concept by 1 Designer
1 Stock photo
 FREE  .com Domain name
 FREE  12 months web hosting
 FREE  Content Management
 FREE  Search Engine Submission
3 Days Turnaround time
Money Back Guarantee*
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What do I get for a bit more? - a lot is the answer!

If your budget allows you to spend a bit more, then why not look at our Silver, Gold or Platinum packages. You get a lot more value for your money.

Website Design Silver Package:

6 Web pages of your choice
1 Design concept by 1 Designer
1 Contact us form
3 Stock photos
7 Days Turnaround time
 FREE  .com Domain name
 FREE  12 months web hosting
 FREE  Content Management
 FREE  Support
 FREE  Search Engine Submission
Money Back Guarantee*
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Did not find your desired website design package? 

Don't worry. We can create a custom website design package for you. Call us FREE on 0800 941 0708 and speak to our website design specialist. Please note that we do not offer free website design or free logo design service, however initial consultancy is free of charge. 

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