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Logoinn™: White Label & Standard Reseller’s Terms & Conditions Agreement


In order to become “Official Logoinn White Label Reseller”, applicant must:

1.1. Provide certain current, complete and correct information about their Company including (or without) limitation, bank account information on the Reseller Registration Form.
1.2.Maintain and update such registration information and provide Logoinn with any other information requested after registration so that such information remains current, complete and accurate. Logoinn will notify its resellers if their application is accepted. If any Registration information that reseller provide is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, Logoinn retains the right to terminate this Agreement. At its sole discretion Logoinn may refuse to allow anyone to use the “Official Logoinn Reseller” or “Official Logoinn White Label reseller” without the need to give any reason and may change its criteria at any time.
1.3. By registering, reseller cannot use the same agreement for its other (more than one) business or portals but single reseller can apply for more than one type of reselling plan.


2.1. For quick order processing, Logoinn Advise its resellers to maintain transactions (with Logoinn) in US$.
2.2. At the time of partnership commencement, Logoinn may ask reseller to submit $500 as a security deposit as a guarantee amount to Logoinn via payment modes below or through Credit Card, PayPal or following:

2.2.1. Payment through BWT

Bank Name = Barclays
Currency = $USD
Account Name = ITSec Limited
Account Number = 78525366
Sort code = 20-49-17
IBAN = IBAN GB86 BARC 2049 1778 5253 66
Swift Code = BARCGB22

2.2.2. Payment through Check
Send your Check to: ITSec Limited At: 79A London Road, Leicester, LE2 0PF, United Kingdom.

2.3. Advance deposit and Security deposit requirement can be exempted for reseller on logoinn discretion.
2.4.Reseller needs to pay advance deposit before each order on above two payment modes to process their orders. Deposit through credit card/PayPal is also available for resellers as payment mode.
2.5. The Security deposit amount is 100% refundable and Advance deposit amount is 100% refundable in case of reseller client’s refund.
2.6. Advance deposit refund is not refundable if the refund does not comply with the logoinn money back policy.
2.7. Logoinn may ask to its resellers to submit the advance amount periodically (or before each order) to ensure the smooth processing of client orders.
2.8. Logoinn will stop/disengage any ongoing or future projects of resellers if the Advance deposit is in negative.
2.9. If Reseller is making payment other than US$, VAT (Value Added Tax) may be implemented on payments and orders. Resellers will be informed prior about any additional tax and surcharges. Similarly reseller will inform Logoinn about any extra charges ad payments from bank or any authorities.
2.10. Reseller cannot sell any package (provided by below the prescribed amount but there is no restriction if reseller is charging high amount to its customers.
2.11. In certain cases, resellers can be exempted to pay advance security deposit; the cases can be discussed with Logoinn authorities in prior.

3.Order & Processing

3.1. As per Logoinn standards; the minimum turnaround time for customer creatives are 2 business days. Reseller cannot commit any day before or same day as Logoinn.
3.2. For any special client case, Reseller must consult to Logoinn management prior, any uninformed commitment will not be considered.
3.3. Reseller can use following medium to contact:

Logoinn Marketing Department

Name: Andrei Warman Kov
Call: 0044 116 2755 680 (7AM to 2PM GMT)

Logoinn Sales Department

Name: John Williams
Call: US – 1 300 736 047

3.4. Reseller can provide seasonal offer to its customers that include discounts or extra features after informing Logoinn on prior with significant time gap.
3.5. Logoinn has right to revoke any reseller offer anytime without any reason however resellers will be notified earlier to the offer reversal.

4. Trademark & Promotion Limitations

4.1. The Logoinn can offer a similar package offering to its more than one reseller; none of the package, discount, offer, deal is exclusive by Logoinn management. However Resellers can request for exclusive package plans from Logoinn and the request will be considered on revenue or target commitment(s).
4.2. Resellers (if disclose the Logoinn Partnership-identity to any third person/party) are not considered as sole distributors for any geographical, demographical segments. Any violation will result in termination of contract.
4.3. Reseller may not use any of Logoinn trademarks or similar trademarks when initiating paid advertising on search engines especially on following keywords:

Logoinn Reseller
Official Logoinn Reseller
Logoinn custom Logo design
Logoinn Logo Design

Reseller cannot use any keyword that includes Logoinn (or similar) name.

4.4. Reseller may not engage in passing off or any other misleading conduct. Without limiting this section, Reseller may not represent that it owns or created any of Logoinn's products. Reseller may not use any of Logoinn's or similar trademarks in any business or product name or in a domain name. In the event that Reseller breaches this section, Clause No (8) will be applicable with immediate effect.
4.5. Reseller may not copy any of the text or logos appearing in the Websites, except with Logoinn's prior express written authorization.
4.6. Reseller must comply with any directions or specifications regarding the use of Logoinn's trademarks that Logoinn may issue from time to time.

5. Reseller Warranties

Reseller represents and warrants that its website:

5.1. Does not violate any law or regulation (whether contractual or government).
5.2. Does not infringe in any manner, copyright, patent, trade mark, trade secret and/or other intellectual property right of any third party.
5.3. Does not breach any duty toward or rights of any person or entity or has not otherwise resulted in any consumer fraud, product liability, breach of contract, damage of any kind to any person or entity.
5.4. Is not false or misleading.
5.5. Is neither defamatory nor threatening.
5.6. Is not promoting sexually explicit, illegal, unethical or hetaerism based products or services.

6. Conflicts

6.1. After comprehensive inquiry, Logoinn decision will be considered absolute if there is a lead conflict between two (or more) resellers, between reseller and Logoinn Sales department. However resellers rights will be protected.
6.2. Logoinn Business Alliance Department will handle all conflicts between its resellers and Logoinn design/creative department such as non-compliance with design briefs, creative order delivery, revision and format problems, services issue etc. Logoinn Business Alliance department will provide an unbiased resolution to make both parties settle down.
6.3. Logoinn will not be held responsible for any miscommunication between Reseller and its clients. It is the responsibility of reseller to communicate any offer or package to its client with correct specification and timeline.

7. Agreement Modification

Logoinn reserves the right to change any of the terms of this terms and conditions agreement, at any time and at its sole discretion, by posting a new modified agreement on the website or notifying Reseller via email. Logoinn can (but not obligated to) inform its resellers about any modification through other direct contacts such as phone call, short messaging service, newsletter, online Instant messaging system etc.

8. Termination

8.1. The initial term of contract for above agreement is 12 months, and these Rules shall continue thereafter unless terminated by either party serving 30 days notice on the other party on or after the initial term.
8.2. Termination by Either party. Either party, at its sole discretion, may terminate this agreement.
8.3. Immediately if the other party has breached these Rules and such breach is not capable of remedy or, if capable of remedy, within 7 days of providing notice of such breach, said breach remains unresolved.
8.4. Logoinn has right to terminate the contract with immediate effect if reseller violate any of above conditions.
8.5. Logoinn will terminate this contract with immediate effect if any of its reseller found involve in business duplication to meet deadlines/targets. As mentioned in above Clause 1.3.
8.6. Logoinn has right to terminate contract with any of its reseller on no activity or productivity for 30 consecutive days. On reseller request;

9. Product Guarantee & Refunds

9.1. In case of product refunds by reseller’s customer, Logoinn will not refund any amount to its resellers. However the resellers can be compensated for their future orders and can be compensated up to full amount. Logoinn does not guarantee the complete compensation but Reseller’s interest may be prioritized.
9.2. To protect resellers from post-order financial loopholes, Logoinn advise its resellers not to offer 100% money back guarantee but resellers can offer money back guarantee after certain deduction or charges.
9.3. Reseller’s any deposit is non-refundable if reseller’s status is suspended or inactive without information.
9.4. Refund of security deposit/advance deposit is strictly subjected to terms of Money back guarantee at logoinn website page:

10. Intellectual Property Rights

10.1. As per white label reseller conditions, all the design briefs, concepts and revisions will be a property of Logoinn until the final designs are submitted from Logoinn creative department to resellers. Under any circumstances, resellers cannot reproduce, distribute, create and copy/trace the design briefs.
10.2. Logoinn design department will provide design material as per predefined guidelines of White-label reselling system. It is entirely reseller’s choice to put its logo or watermark on provided creatives.

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